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I am a problem solver, a dedicated community member, and most importantly, a parent of three wonderful children who have had the opportunity to grow up in Nevada County. While I prepare to become a grandmother, my youngest is a junior making his way through our county’s public schools. In addition to my work on the Nevada County Relief Fund and as the Executive Director of Californians for the Arts, I have decided to run for Nevada County Board of Education because I believe education is the starting point for building an innovative, compassionate, and community-oriented society. As Trustee on the County Board, I plan to emphasize the importance of educational equity, physical safety, and mental wellness as we collectively navigate through this unfamiliar territory. I am confident that through effective leadership, we can find the proper path forward to ensure none of our children slip through the seams. I know I will be a valuable asset to this board as I bring decades of board leadership, nonprofit and business experience, a wide array of community connections, and legislative advocacy skills. I, Julie Baker, respectfully request your vote for Nevada County Board of Education Trustee Area 3 this November 3rd.

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Meet Julie and Morgan


Julie Baker

NC BOE Candidate

I began my career as an advertising executive in New York City. Twenty two years ago I moved to Nevada County with my husband, Richard whose family has been here for six generations. I have focused my community contributions to the arts and nonprofit sector including opening Julie Baker Fine Art, a contemporary art gallery and running The Center for the Arts and California Worldfest as Executive Director from 2009-2017. In 2018, I became the Executive Director of Californians for the Arts and California Arts Advocates. I currently serve on the board of CHIRP and was elected to the Nevada Union High School site council in 2019. I have served on many boards including the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation and The Friendship Club and various committees for the Economic Resource Council and Grass Valley Downtown Association. Since COVID, I have been a member of the six person Community Advisory Council for the Nevada County Relief Fund. I am the recipient of the first annual Peggy Levine Arts & Community service award. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California at Santa Cruz. Photo Credit: Alan Sheckter.

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Morgan Margulies

Campaign Manager

I’ve learned a lot in 20 years. Games of kickball under the ivy wall at the old Nevada City Elementary taught me about the importance of communication. At Deer Creek Elementary, I learned about mathematics, social studies, and the scientific method. When I moved to Grass Valley Charter School, I spent a lot of time learning outside, all while being trained in the art of self-reflection. My final years attending school in Nevada County were spent at Nevada Union High School, where I learned more about the world and myself than I could ever imagine. Now that I am a rising Junior at Columbia University in New York City, I am grateful for every public school teacher and administrator who fought for me along the way. I chose to work for Julie Baker because she is a qualified leader as well as an empathetic mother. Julie has been an active community member since I was a child myself. Her dedication to the students of my community is unquestioned in my mind and I believe she would be an excellent trustee member on the Nevada County Board of Education.

Julie's Platform

We can build a community of empowered and hopeful young people by offering an education which recognizes the demands of modern society. We must ensure all of our students have a background in innovation and technology to prepare for the 21st century workforce while also recognizing the inherent diversity of interests and aspirations within our student body. Through budget oversight and resource allocation, the board has an opportunity to support our graduates’ careers by prioritizing vocational programs, expanding career technical education, and improving access to arts education.

It is essential that the county prioritizes programs which seek to benefit our most vulnerable students. We must fight to fully support foster children, those who are currently or previously incarcerated, experiencing homelessness, socio-economically disadvantaged, and otherwise marginalized. A strong and reliable education system must serve these students and provide ample pathways and opportunities for success. Every student deserves the right to a quality education and as a Board Trustee I will fight to provide equal opportunities for all students.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our students’ educational experiences are increasingly reliant on access to the internet. This is about educational equity; how we respond to the problem of inadequate rural broadband access will impact thousands of Nevada County students. We must work to optimize our students’ educational experience within current health limitations. In addition, we must maintain a forward view and plan for our students and teachers to re-enter the classroom safely. I will fight to access the technology and infrastructure resources needed to implement a quality and professional educational experience for all while maintaining health and safety standards as mandated by public health agencies.

The County Board of Education is most effective when board members leave aside their personal agendas and choose to work as a team focused on elevating student achievement, safety, and wellness. Amidst the pandemic and natural disasters, the key role of the County Board must be to prioritize support, training, and professional development for our teachers. We owe our children and their teachers an efficient and competent board with a clear set of community-oriented values. As a board member, I will draw on my experience as a community leader, business woman, collaborator, and problem solver to maximize the effectiveness of this board. 

The health of our students and teachers must be our number one priority. I am in support of science-based decision making to guide our curricular and administrative student health initiatives. While physical health and safety measures are a must in the midst of a pandemic, the mental wellness of our children is of similar importance. Now, more than ever, is the time to heavily invest in our community’s emotional wellness through the expansion of mental health services for our students and staff. 

The Nevada County Board of Education plays an important role in managing the budget for each district alongside the County Superintendent. We must pursue a board dedicated to accountability and the efficient allocation of resources. It is essential that decisions reached are guided by input from the community in planning documents and feedback forums surrounding our districts’ Local Control Accountability Plans. Full accountability is only possible with effective oversight. I am confident my business experience will be an asset to the board’s role in accountability and budget oversight.

In the face of ongoing state education budget cuts, it is increasingly important that our whole community supports the education of our children. As Nevada County is a state recognized California Cultural District, we must look to incorporate the most powerful elements of our unique community into our education system, including a respect and recognition of the indigenous people of Nevada County, the Nisenan. From outdoor education to career technical services, I will bring my diverse set of connections to enhance our students’ potential pathways to success through community collaboration.

I am dedicated to enacting measures to support our teachers and students to create environments of cultural humility in our schools by listening to students, parents, community members, and activists in our pursuit of an educational system defined by cultural diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. 

County education offices are intermediate units between state policy and local district needs. As my job is a professional advocate working on state policy for the arts, I will bring my experience and expertise on policy development and state budgets to my role as a board trustee. I will help the board to navigate and advocate for legislation and resources that will benefit our rural community in pursuit of a quality education for all students in our county. 

Small Actions + Lots of People = Big Change


“I am confident that she will represent the interests of students, educators and the public in general, with dedication, knowledge, creativity and an open and unbiased approach to all of the varied concerens and issues put before the County Board of Education. I can think of no better professional, community member and mother to represent her constituents.”

Stanton Miller

Retired Associate Superintendent Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office

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Nevada County Democratic Central Committee

Indivisible Women of Nevada county

Holly Hermansen

Retired Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, Volunteer at Interfaith Food Ministry, Ambassador for Sierra Harvest, Member Board of Trustees Hospice of the Foothills, and Member of Community and Fund Development Committee for Able Carts/T/K Momentum"

"Julie Baker will be an excellent addition to the Nevada County Board of Education. She understands our community and schools, is a strong leader and excellent communicator, and appreciates the complex issues facing education. I strongly support Julie Baker for the Nevada County Board of Education. "

Stanton Miller

Retired Associate Superintendent Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office

"As the former Associate Superintendent for the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools office, I have worked closely with the Nevada County Board of Education for many years. I know that Julie Baker is conscientious and highly qualified for the position of Trustee. Julie’s work as director of the Grass Valley Center for the Arts and Californians for the Arts has provided her with years of experience working as a leader with boards of directors, government and the public. I am confident that she will represent the interests of students, educators and the public in general, with dedication, knowledge, creativity and an open and unbiased approach to all of the varied concerens and issues put before the County Board of Education. I can think of no better professional, community member and mother to represent her constituents."

Wendy Baker

Nevada County Educator, Retired Nevada County Board of Education, President

Howard Levine

Former Mayor, member Grass Valley City Council, former Grass Valley Scool District Trustee

"Quintessential candidate, knowledge of budgets, operations, community values and culture."

Heidi hall

Supervisor, Nevada County

"I support Julie Baker because I know she will put the health and safety of our kids and teachers first, and lead with integrity and skill"

Brian Evans

CEO Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

"I've worked closely with Julie in the past and I know she is the right choice for our community."


Medical Director, Yubadocs Urgent Care; Founding President and Secretary, California Urgent Care Association; Nevada County COVID Recovery Advisory Committee; Founding President, South Yuba River Citizens League

"Julie is a consummate professional whose values are framed in community and fairness. Yubadocs Urgent Care was a client of her consulting firm, Julie Baker Projects.  From my work with her, I know she is a woman of high integrity who will support science-based decisions, qualities that are not only welcomed but necessary as we work to fully reopen our schools and businesses in the time of coronavirus."

Lisa swarthout

Mayor, City of Grass Valley

Ed Thomas

Retired CPA/ Financial Executive, The Center for the Arts, Bright Futures for Youth, Hospice of the Foothills, Sierra Foothills Village, Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Council, City of Grass Valley and retired long time volunteer with GVPD.

"I have no doubt about Julie Baker's qualifications for this position and know how effective she is when she follows her heart and passion."

Jeff and Shannon Pelline

Publishers, Sierra FoodWineArt magazine

"Julie is an ideal fit for our school board. She is an engaged and passionate leader. Julie also understands public education: She and Richard have raised their children in our District's schools, and she is a UC graduate. Julie is a proven leader in the local arts and nonprofit scene, helping to raise our towns' profile across the state. Her campaign manager Morgan Margulies, a student at Columbia University in New York, is a 'rising star' in his own right and a testament to the caliber of our public schools. What a team!"

Marina Bernheimer

Executive Director Child Advocates of Nevada County. Board member, Community Support Network

"I'm thrilled to support Julie Baker for NCBOE. Julie is a thoughtful, dedicated community leader with a track record of successful advocacy."

Karen Boettcher-Chizek

Retired educator. Former teacher, principal (Pleasant Valley & Williams Ranch schools), superintendent (Clear Creek SD), and assistant supt. of NCSoS.


Interim Superintendent Carmel Unified School District, Former Superintendent Nevada City School District

Steve Roddy

Retired Teacher

"Julie has superb communication skills and a, proven leader. She will make a invaluable contribution to our students. We are lucky to have Julie"

Dennis Mangers

State Assembly (Ret.), Strategic Advisor to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Former Huntington Beach Union HS Board

Judith Hill-Weld

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"Julie Baker is smart, hard-working, and has raised three children in Nevada County Schools. She’s a talented advocate and knows how to problem solve with a team. She’s a great choice for NCBOE.

Barbara Dehart

CEO, Sama Learning, Co-Founder Indivisible Women of Nevada County

" Julie Baker is a leader in our community who will bring vision and cohesion to the Nevada County Board of Education. We fully support her!"

Shawn Carnahan

CTO Co-Founder

"I support Julie Baker for NCBOE and have confidence in her ability to provide the leadership that all of our students and schools need."

Jennifer Bello Roberts

Photo Archivist

"I am thrilled to support Julie Baker for Nevada County Board of Education! She's deeply connected to the arts and education in our community and has a proven track record of getting things done. Along with years of experience raising 3 kids in our school district, Julie is the right choice for this important position."


KVMR Community Radio

"Julie is hard working, focused and determined. A clear thinker with integrity. The success of Nevada County's children and students, and their education, are her priority."

Brandy Kolmer

Development Director

"Julie’s hand is always on the pulse of our community and her heart is for our general upliftment."

Cynthia Stewart

Marketing, fundraising, KVMR

"Quintessential candidate, knowledge of budgets, operations, community values and culture."

Karen Jarvis

NUJHSD food service, Owner at Caravan Cafe

"Julie Baker has a kaliedoscope of talents and experience. If she is putting her energy into this....she will rock it!"

Michelle Margulies

Business owner, Bookkeeper, Board Member for 4 Elements Earth Education

Peter Minett

Retired Teacher


Athletic Director Monterey HS Former AD/Teacher @ Nevada Union HS

Sheryl L Bartolucci

Retired Corporate EVP

Alison Jones-Pomatto

Retired, SYRCL CAB, Nevada County Relief Fund, SNMH Foundation

Jennifer singer

The Friendship Club/ Bright Futures for Youth

Kate Strolle

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Mary and John Peterson

Mary-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Stephanie Steyer

Self employed

Andrea Baron

Sales Manager

Dee A Dinelli


Kira Westly & Carrie Hawthorne

Owners of Kitkitdizzi

Stephanie Nix

Worldwide special event producer, Indivisible Women Nevada County

Kay Lott Baker

Funeral Director / Owner Hooper & Weaver Mortuary Inc.

Harold e degraw

Retired; member High School Foundation Board, 49er Rotary


CEO/CTO of Tesuji Games Inc

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